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Dr. Gritsus partners with Hudson Crossing Surgical Center, located in Fort Lee, New Jersey. This state-of-the art certified facility has four operating rooms and provides great care to our patients. The facility is owned and run by physicians who perform procedures at the center and therefore provides an excellent patient-centered approach to surgical care. The center has outstanding, hand-picked nurses and ancillary staff who make patient's satisfaction their first priority. The center participates in most insurance plans. One of the advantages of having surgery done at the surgical center is that patients will know upfront about their costs, co-insurance and deductible amounts. In addition to that, the center has financing options available.

Dr. Gritsus typically performs the following procedures at Hudson Crossing Center: cholecystectomy, Lap Band placement, Lap Band removal, sleeve gastrectomy, hernia repair, endoscopy and minor procedures.

The center has excellent anesthesiologists who make patient's anesthesia and recovery pleasant and seamless!

To learn more about the center, please visist www.hudsoncrossingsc.com or call 201-470-6977

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