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Meet our Psychologist - Michael Sakowitz, Ph.D.

So you have been thinking about weight loss surgery and are ready to get started. You likely have many, many questions on your mind.

My name is Michael Sakowitz. I have a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Kent State University, and I am a licensed psychologist in both New Jersey and Arizona. I have been in practice for over thirty years, and have treated patients with weight disorders throughout my career.

For most of my professional life I approached the problem from a behavioral point of view, helping my patients to monitor and modify their behavior. They, and I, had good initial success with many losing upwards of fifty pounds. Unfortunately, the vast majority of patients eventually put all of the weight back on. The techniques they learned were viable and their new behaviors were far healthier than the old ways, but many nevertheless regressed. Some thankfully were successful, and some would return for additional treatment. So…my early work was both rewarding and frustrating.

With the current advancements in surgical techniques, and the rising popularity of weight loss surgery, more and more patients are finding that their weight is on the decline! Both the Lap Band and Gastric Bypass procedures have helped to strengthen the resolve of my patients. While they still must learn to monitor and modify their behavior, I am seeing more long-term success.

Whether you choose a weight loss procedure or not, remember that counseling support is available. My work with patients presenting with weight disorders is currently split between conducting pre-surgical evaluations and post-surgical individual and group counseling.

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